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The Links to public CNS functions are at the top of each web page. Click on a link to go to a specific web page.

14-Day Calendar
The 14-Day Calendar shows Change Notices that are scheduled for a 14 day period, beginning with the current date.

NEW - The calendar has been expanded to show 14 days of scheduled notices.

Scheduled Notices for the Next 14 Days page:
To view the details of a scheduled notice, click on an incident number link.

Search Notices
A search of notices provides a list. Clicking on a single notice link will display the notice details.

Search Change Notices page:
There are two ways to find a single or group of change notices:
Click on the check box, " Quick Search - View Scheduled Change Notices"
"Advanced Search - Choose any combination of the following:"
Enter search criteria as prompted on the page.
Click on the " Submit" button.

Notice List page:
This page will show all the notices matching the criteria entered in the search.
Click on the " Incident #" to view details of a specific notice from the list.
Click on the " View Printer Friendly Page" button for a details of all notices matching the search criteria.

Change Notice Detail page:
Shows the details of a selected notice from the list.

The purpose of subscribing is to receive email notification of service changes.

NEW - You can see which email notification services you are subscribed to.
NEW - We are collecting more information in order to contact you if DIS email service is disrupted.
NEW - More options on receiving email:
You can choose to receive emails when a notice is resolved, or not.
You can receive the daily status of production services that were run the previous night.

Identify Subscriber page:
Enter your email address.
Enter your phone number.
Click on one of the following:
"Edit" button - To change existing subscriber information.
"Unsubscribe From All" button - To unsubscribe from receiving CNS email change notification for all DIS services. This selection will delete your record from the system.
"Add" button - To add a new subscriber.

Maintain Subscriptions page:
The "Maintain Subscriptions" page shows existing subscriber information.

The following information is required:
Email Address
Phone Number
Last Name
First Name
Agency Name
Select at least 1 Service Category

Click on the "Submit" button.

Transaction Processed page:
The Transaction Processed page will display after CNS has successfully added / updated the subscription information.

You will receive an email confirmation that you have subscribed.

Admin Menu
The Admin Menu is used by authorized DIS personnel only. The CNS System Administrator maintains the access authorizations.

CNS System Requirements
CNS was designed to run with the following:
Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0
JavaScript enabled

The public portion of CNS does not require user authentication. The CNS administrator grants permission to access the "Admin Menu" web pages. Only authorized members of the DIS domain are granted access.

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